Chalk It Up to Organization

Continuing on the quest to get this kitchen in tip-top condition (you can see some other progress here and here), I’ve moved on to the side of the fridge, which I turned from Exhibit A into Exhibit B.

The reason for this switch is probably fairly obvious… it was all too cluttered, lacked organization, and was essentially useless.  Also, very ugly.

photo (7)

It all began yesterday in Target (doesn’t it always??), when I saw a chalkboard stick-on decal.  But it was far too busy and young-looking, so I continued the hunt.  Fast forward to this afternoon at Hobby Lobby, when I saw a simple black chalkboard cut-out from Designer Wall Accents.  Originally $22.99, it was 50% off, making it only $11.50!  It even came with its very own stick of chalk.  I loved that it was black, because I wanted it to mostly blend in with the side of our fridge.

But before I could apply the fully-removable chalkboard sticker, I needed to clear everything away.  I have no idea why the stool and basket were there in the first place, so they were the first things to go.  Everything else was removed as well, and I wiped the fridge down with paper towels and water to get a clean, fresh surface.

image (22)

And then, just like a normal sticker, the chalkboard decal is easy to peel off and slap on.  It did rip in 2 tiny places, but you absolutely cannot tell against the black backdrop of the fridge.  Here is the appliance with its new chalkboard sticker!

image (31)

See how well it blends in?!  You can barely see it, which is exactly what I wanted.  Here’s a closer shot:

image (30)

And then with a few additional adjustments, I turned it into this:

image (24)1 more day until Mike comes home! <3

I added back in only 5 magnets; 2 clear heart magnets that my friend Emily gave me few years back (originally from Ikea), and a cluster of 3 cute magnets I bought last year at Target for $1.

image (28)

I slapped up a photo of Mike and I in Boston (it’s in a clear plastic magnet-backed frame from Dollar Tree), and our To-Do List, which is outfitted with two frames from a photo strip we also took in Beantown.  You may have noticed that this list read “I love the band U2” in the ‘before’ photo.  I do not particularly like them (at all…), but it was a cute little inside joke between Mike and I.

image (26)

Then I topped off the fridge with an organizer I purchased a few months ago at Office Depot, and spray painted it a dark green called Hosta from Krylon.  I don’t intend to keep it up there permanently, but for now it serves as a good chalk holder until I can find something better.  Also in the organizer is a black Sharpie and a cute weekly planner notepad I found a few years ago:

image (23)

I often use a sheet from this notepad to plan out my week (when I need to make dog food, what I need to do at work, the projects I plan to do around the house…).

But where did the other papers and magnets go?  I hid them on the other side of the fridge, against the wall.  When we need extra magnets or need to access one of the coupons that originally hung on the other side of the fridge, they are within reach.  Inconspicuous reach!

image (25)

Not bad for a 10 minute makeover, eh?

Xo, Laura

9 thoughts on “Chalk It Up to Organization

  1. So cute! I love that you found a stick on instead of painting the chalk paint directly on your fridge. I have a black fridge too. Maybe I will need to do this now! :)

  2. It looks great! (Poking around from Pillows-a-la-made. Now following your blog.) Although I have three children, I loathe the look of a cluttered fridge. I adore my children, but I don’t my refrigerator to be kid central. :D

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