The Beginning

One week from today, Mike and I move into our very first rental house together.


One insanely-in-love couple and two super-loved pooches.


So why this blog? Since we are only renting, almost everything we do to this house will be non-permanent, and/or completely move-able. Having both lived in a slew of temporary homes, we have each been through our own decorating disasters. It seems that the only design magazines and websites out there cater to people who own their homes and can easily rip down entire walls, finish the basement, or put in a pool. But what do you do if you have a landlord? Until now, temporary living has meant ugly living.

Insert Mike and Laura. Makeshift Living is now chic and fun! We intend to help you make your temporary home one that you will be proud to show off. We will be taking inspiration from well-renowned and newbie design sources, while translating projects into easy-to-accomplish Do It Yourself tasks that won’t lose you your deposit.

And thus, our promise to you: Temporary Solutions for a Temporary Home.