To-Do List

With this new place, we have a huge slew of items on our to-do list.  The tricky part is getting my ADHD brain to give priority to some over others. Below is our working to-do list, which I expect will grow over time.  This list also needs to be organized by priority, so please ignore the current numerical order.

1. Rip up the AstroTurf on the front steps.  See if situation underneath needs to be painted.  Please pay attention to my handsome man holding up that brick wall! :-)


2. Buy a trashcan.  Figure out how pick-up works in Fairlawn  (Note from Laura: This may seem like the dumbest thing ever, but I’ve only ever lived in cities/buildings where you just plop the garbage in a big dumpster and it is taken care of magically.).

3. Test for radon.  Ohio is known for having a huge problem with radon, which can make people sick and cause lung cancer.  Even more troubling, the neighbors have a radon removal system, which makes me concerned for this house.  If we have a problem with radon, we will have to petition our landlords to see if we can get a removal system installed.

4. Weed right-side of the yard by the fence.

5. Hem shower curtain. (Note from Laura: That white crocheted thing hanging on the door in the below picture is actually a re-usable grocery bag that my aunt made for me.  I love it, but it is too nice to actually use for grocery shopping… I’m worried it’ll get dingy or worn out!  So more often than not, it just ends up being eye-candy)


6. Figure out a dog-house situation.  I’m not sure if we even need one, but at the moment, little Phoebe is too scared to stay outside without me.  I’d love to make her feel as comfortable outside as Gus.  Do any of you have little dogs who love being outside?

7. Finish painting the dining/living room, stairs, hallway, master bedroom, bedroom 2, and den.

8. Organize garage.

9. Replace ripped, padded toilet seat in downstairs bathroom.  I need to know right now if anyone in the world is not insanely creeped out by padded toilet seats.  I’m so repulsed by it that I have just flat out refused to use this bathroom.

image (3)

10. Set-up Laura’s closet/craft room.

11. Clean and organize kitchen.  Can you even handle the fact that it is STILL a disaster?  And yes, I realize there is definitely more to do than just cleaning and organizing it… I’d love to find a temporary solution for covering up the red tile, I want to change out the green knobs, that curtain obviously needs to go, and even though you can’t quite see the light fixture in this picture, just know that it is pretty heinous.

image (7)

12. Get all of the seedlings planted.

13. Obtain lawnmower from landlords and mow for the first time.

14. Switch all addresses over.

15. Replace light fixture on stairs landing.  The Moroccan-style is just  not working out for me.

image (4)

16. Hang curtains in living room, dining room, kitchen, den, bathroom, all 3 bedrooms.

17. Put up window transparency film in upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.

18. Rip up 1960’s contact paper from every surface in the house (all shelves, closet floors, closet walls, inside of cabinets).  So far, I think I have counted at least 10 different types of floral, mushroom, and tea-themed contact paper.  It all needs to go.  Desperately.


19. Hang wall stuff.

20. Paint and generally fix-up furniture from Craig’s List.

21. Remove ladybugs and frogs covering the holes in the window screens, and patch screens.  Yeah, I don’t really get it either…

image (5)

This is not a full list of everything that needs to be done, but it seems like a good jumping off point.  I was telling Mike last night how overwhelmed I feel based on what items in the house need to be addressed, but we should be able to take care of at least 1/4 of this list this weekend.  Hopefully…

What big weekend plans do all of you have?